the sight of Barre Grey…



The_sight_of_Barre_Greyin graveyards, I’ve searched for you            
it’s not like I’ll find you there
just that you love the sight of Barre Grey
visions of sculpted angels and dead bards
blackbirds seem to frequent these places
so one day we’ll likely meet again
you’ll remember my name I’m sure
then we can be fast friends…
(Copyright 11-11-12)

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the bird lady of manhat-atraz… (indian legend)


Stained glass fairy

the bird lady of manhat-atraz… (indian legend) 

Long ago, it is told, Manju Akuti captured the heart of a young man named Vallabh. She loved birds more than anything under the sun and lived in a garden surrounded by beauty. Manju lived up to her name meaning ‘snow’ – no one could melt her heart, and she had an icy demeanor towards all who showed the slightest interest in her.

Vallabh went and spoke to Manisha  (Goddess of mind, intelligence, desire) and asked her how he might be seen in a different light by the enchanting Manju. Manisha thought deeply for a time, and then answered him saying, ‘you must turn yourself into a songbird and enter her garden upon a full moon’. And so with Manisha’s blessing, Vallabh became a nightingale and flew away. He waited until the next full moon and entered the garden of Manju and began to sing at night.

Manju heard his singing and sought to find the source of this song. In a tree close to her window – she spotted him and was quite taken by his song. She begged her father to have him captured for her, and this he ordered be done by the servants. And so Vallabh found himself in a cage but still he sang the most beautiful songs for Manju. And she came to love him more than any other living thing on this earth.

One day after many years had passed, she was talking to her brother Panduranga, and laughing about how she had won her bet with him that no man would ever take her heart. Then that night, Manisha appeared to her in a dream and told her how she was mistaken, and that Vallabh had indeed managed to melt all of her ice,and turn them into dewdrops. Manju was so troubled by this dream, she awoke immediately and remembered every detail. She walked over to the cage where the nightingale was singing and noticed dewdrops all over the cage. She looked out her window and a heavy fog blanketed the whole garden. Back to bed she went – pondering the meaning of her dream, and fell into a deep sleep.

The next day she awoke and decided to let her nightingale free. She opened the cage door and placed her hand inside, and the bird hopped onto her finger. Next the bird was raised to her eye level, and she said ‘I love you, now go, you are free from this cage. I love you enough to set you free’. And the bird sang one more beautiful song, and flew out the window. She watched as the bird flew, and then in mid-flight it dropped like a rock, straight down to the ground. No movement at all. She could see the bird on the ground in the garden, and ran downstairs and outside to take a closer look. When she got there to the spot, the bird was gone and there lay Vallabh. Manju cried to the heavens, ‘what is this Sorcery?’.

Just at that time, Manisha appeared and said, ‘He became a bird because he knew it was the only way to ever win your heart. Unknowingly, you gave him what he wanted more than his own life, and now he is truly free. And in so doing, he has changed your heart forever’.

And as for Vallabh, well he became a shining star in the heavens. According to the Indian legend, anyone who ever has an unrequited love that lasts till they die – shall become a bright star that burns eternally in the skies. And so it was… +The end+.

Akuti           ….  princess

Manisha      ….  Goddess of mind, intelligence, desire

Manju           ….  snow, dew drops, beautiful

Panduranga      ….  one with a pale white complexion

Vallabh         ….  dear, beloved
(Copyright 02-05-08)

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Sheila, The Fairy King, and the Sorceress…


Lily after rain

Once upon a time, there was a lass named Sheila who tended to the gardens. She was a bright and beautiful soul but torn by sadness. Nonetheless, she always brought sunshine and rain to all who needed this the most, in any garden she came upon.

 One day while she was tending to the flowers on a very sunny and dry day in the spring, she noticed one flower in particular. It clearly stuck out from the other ones but she couldn’t really tell why. As she approached, she noticed water was rolling from the flower’s petals, and she knew right away that it wasn’t dew. The dew of  the fairies was long gone, as it was near high noon.

Sheila starting talking to the flower and asked why it was crying. The flower told a strange tale of being a fairy who was tricked into loving an evil sorceress who collected fairy hearts for cruel purposes. Once the sorceress had the key to the the fairy’s heart – she could get the secret of that fairy’s magic power. And with that power she changed the fairy into a flower, in the middle of a field of 1000’s of flowers. And cast a curse upon the flower that only a human with heart of pure gold, who would cry so hard when they heard this story, that they would strike the flower 33 times with tears, would thereby end the curse.

And all at once in a burst of tears, Sheila fell to the grown with her head just over the flower, and her eyes poured forth more tears than a human should have to cry – for this touched upon the depth of sadness in Sheila’s heart that no mortal knew. And many more than 33 times was the flower struck by Sheila’s tears. Many more. Then Sheila fell into a deep sleep.

And the flower was no longer there. The fairy had been released from the curse. With the return of his heart and his magical powers – he removed the sadness from Sheila’s heart and planted it under a nearby oak tree. And while she slept, along came a prince of hearts who was searching for acorns, and was magically directed to the oak tree by Sheila’s sadness.

And his eyes came upon Sheila sleeping in the meadow. Just at that moment she awoke. The flower was gone. The fairy was gone. Her heartache was gone. And she saw the prince of hearts. And they both knew without any words spoken – that they were looking into the eyes of their beloved. And they lived lovingly ever after… The End.
(Copyright 1998) 

Meet me there, I’m not far behind…


we grew side by side in that desert heat
proving harsh conditions would not deter
our souls beauty they attempt to slaughter
always watching for the next monsoon
next trip my heart stays at home
you already halfway there
how I hate what they did to you
remember that planet where trees
could move from place to place
perhaps that was Shangri-La
where our artistic souls belong
meet me there, I’m not far behind…
(Copyright 02-24-13)