just the way I see it…

Jetty ghost

Jetty ghost

hail the revisionist to suit themselves
but these were your choices
my actions were a direct result
of those choices you made!
there are 3460 miles of ocean
between reality (US) and fantasy land (UK)
where you now give the appearance to be
playing the innocent victim here
is so funny – I may die of laughter
and I already am a Dead Poet
smoke signals plucked from the sky
do not hit their mark at all
from anywhere on this mirage machine
called the Net you have adopted
as your weapon of choice to communicate
you have all my contact information
conversely, I have a nice pile of vapor now
my e-mails all get bounced from 4 different accts
did you know this or is that the work of Satan?
so let’s touch upon reality here
as much of a stretch that might be
you left me no choice at all
what would you think if you were me?
if you were on the receiving side of all this?
can you even do that with your vivid imagination?
don’t play dumb with me, I expect a lot more of you
there is nothing dumb about you whatsoever
I cannot help you thrive on making things impossible
then you pine because I will not resolve the mess
what you ask is totally unreasonable
so I love a ghost and have gotten pretty good at it
fact it’s old hat for me now
you placed us here in the middle of nowhere
through every second of it – you’ve been loved
I don’t have to prove that to anybody
if you don’t absolutely know it at this point
if don’t feel it after all this time
then nothing anybody does will ever change that
and that’s just the way I see it…
(Copyright 07-18-15)

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