remembered with a smile…


four years have passed now
it’s hard to believe you’re gone
there is no place in the night sky
you can hide from us
shining ever so brightly
people remember all kinds of things
but that smile sticks in my mind
light that radiated from your eyes
wit faster on the draw than Doc Holliday
unflappable in front of the camera
trademark blonde hair with high cheek bones
we met in a waterbed shop
ended up talking for hours at a time
metaphysics was my forte then
you soaked that up like a sponge
as you taught me the ways of this world
always upbeat and positive was your norm
ideas fueled your brilliant mind
charisma smiled on you all your life
you could have easily ended up a Cult leader
once when we were outside on the roof
we stood facing each other ever so close
your eyes widened like saucers
you saw my aura fully expanded
asked, ‘just who the hell are you?’
I’m pretty convinced not from this world
but then neither were you
we were both strangers in a strange land
you showed up in my life at the precise moment
that I needed you most desperately
now you are gone and I am left to carry on
you will always be remembered with a smile…
(Copyright 11-10-14)

Picture from the net. Loretta Young

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