Racism is alive and well in Ferguson on both sides…

Michael Brown Sr.’s Church Burned in Ferguson
to me this is an unbelievable act
the minister seems to think it wasn’t the looters
to me this is a racist remark and thinking
of course, those crazy looters setting buildings on fire
couldn’t possibly do such a thing?
See that’s what wrong here – the racism is on both sides.
Martin Luther King didn’t accomplish all he did
burning down buildings and looting stores
these acts do not bring sympathy from law abiding citizens
a note to anyone who thinks it’s ok to try to take a gun
away from a policeman – you’ll probably get shot
and may end up very dead. You are dead wrong to attempt this!
No court will rule in your favor in this country
if you don’t understand this then you are probably
suffering from arrested development, on drugs, or both
however, any racism being practiced by a police department
anywhere in this country must be addressed
and should not be tolerated by anyone
who believes no one should be mistreated because of race,
creed, color, or sexual orientation
those police who were not upholding the law either before
or after Michael Brown’s death should be prosecuted just
like anyone else in that town, and certainly removed
from the police force
but destroying your own community and businesses that
serve you is just pure anarchy
to me this should not be tolerated in our society – ever…
(Copyright 11-25-14)

and the president has done little or nothing along these lines… no surprise there!

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