99 iPhone 6 units proposal goes down in flames…

The new WP user

a young Chinese programmer lost all his logic
purchased 99 iPhone 6 units and made a big heart with them
then he proposed to his girlfriend in public
a really big show folks!
she said, “NO” – OMG, how shocking!
do you realize what she could have brought with $82,000?
but wait it gets better, a Tech survey shows that
“1 in 5 men would rather have an iPhone 6
than a girlfriend!”
my gosh – where is my Cherry 2000? LOL
in case you missed that epic flick, rolls eyes
Cherry 2000 is a female android
completely and anatomically correct
able to have sex with a human
is this where we are headed?
as long as women continue on their
current course to be just like men
yes, I think it is…
my god look how we (men) have screwed things up!
(Copyright 11-11-14)
“no sandwich for Lester!” – Cherry 2000 quote


Picture from the net.

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