SELFIES – the good, the bad, and the very ugly…

Seems WP people ask questions but only want agreement. This always amuses me.

SELFIES according to what appears in the news have caused some real problems.

Death is probably the wildest outcome but this is an extreme. People have fallen off cliffs, bridges, & buildings to their death. Animals, birds and dolphins have died due to people picking them up and taking selfies with these poor, unfortunate creatures. There must be something missing in the DNA pool here.

There is a direct link to obsessive selfie takers and mental illness. Oh what a surprise! Factor that in if you’re looking for a partner Online. Yikes, I do not recommend this at all but I digress.

Selfies can generate a total narcissistic reality which has some very large issues.
But if it makes you happy, go for it. Loving yourself is important in life but to the obsessive level is folly. Eventually, you’ll get tired and bored with the whole thing as would be expected. There’s a reason a camera points away from the photographer – to take photos of ‘other’ things. You know other people, places, and things. Amazing I know!.

Just try not to get stuck in the black hole of narcissistic selfie hell – there’s much to be done in this life…

Naked selfies are just totally sad and frankly, I am not the least bit interested in seeing your naughty bits!

Finally, I like people and seeing people. It can be very pleasant and make one smile. Just try to realize that when you become obsessed with photos of yourself, you are heading down a blind alley that may have some unpleasant outcomes…

(Copyright 08-05-16)

A selfie cartoon for those who have a sense of humor

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