The Hatter Quipped Another Tune…


When asked what did she ever mean?
The masquerade would make her queen
Perhaps the question came too soon
The Hatter quipped another tune.

Just like quicksilver in his hand
The waves erased her tracks in sand
Song sparrow perched in waning moon
The Hatter quipped another tune.

So close the grail, so close the end
Fractured glass you cannot mend
Bleeding hearts that bud in June
The Hatter quipped another tune.

Want an answer, read a book
Hand on shoulder, adore that look
Butterfly flits and poems strewn
The Hatter quipped another tune.
(Copyright 8-19-11)

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Clearly I See…

Seagull on jetty

Seagull on jetty

clearly I see your left hand
on your right shoulder
that is a very unusual pose
and why you did this
God only knows

clearly I see the light shine
from out of your soul
the twinkle from your eyes
and what are you thinking
is bluer than skies

clearly I see your left hand
on my right shoulder
just the way it always seems
before the silence leads me
away into dreams… 
(Copyright 7-02-11)

ode to a wordsmith…

wave your wand and write us a sonnet
Victorian women all wearing bonnets
make it sad like the nightingale sings
suspense and betrayal have a familiar ring

scatter your characters far and wide
give each a profile, some place to hide
work all that magic typing on keys
take us to heaven, wherever you please

weave in the music, the lyrics and song
don’t make it short but don’t make it long
throw in a taste of lavender and lace
few if but any will keep up the pace

lock down the love, don’t let it get away
give us the illusion this isn’t all play
plots and subplots spinning a chase
orb weaver spins no web without grace
(Copyright 04-22-11)

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Like the sun…

Seagull at sunset

Seagull at sunset

Like the sun, my rays shine upon you always
When you hide in your cave, I come peeking in at you
Deep under water, I refract down to your depths
Moving out into space, I run parallel with your light
Still you don’t see me but you know that I am there.

Spiraling in a circle as your float within a sacred space
There I sit waiting for you at the center of the lotus
You know it not but I move your kundalini upwards
As waves of love spin in chakras moving ever fast.

Energy flows into your head, a purple shaft of light
You see the flash and feel your heart expand outwards
Droplets of ocean touch your face and total peace returns
Like the sun, my rays shine upon you always…
(Copyright 02-22-11)

Parallel Universe



So you’re riding along cresting the wave
The silence has placed them deep in the grave
Should you wake up to your parallel lives
Well I’ll guarantee this, you will be surprised.

You see here money is truly a god
But there, the standard is love – isn’t that odd?
The purer the more precious, golden and true
You no longer act there as you now do.

It’s as if you’ve risen very high into the sky
Your vision sees things that once slipped on by
The soul with eyes open – in a field of dreams
You realize things here are not as they seem.
(Copyright 02-16-10)

Johnny Depp


Johnny, my friend says you are my muse
but I know you are my love looking for me
you just got lost in the roles you play
and now you don’t remember who you are

one day you’ll be walking along
and walk right into a lamp post
maybe that will knock some sense into you
and your true inner sight will return

till then I’ll be lost in this dream
like my friend who got lost in his
we ride in parallel universes you and I
one day perhaps they will merge into the light

now go, I hear the sound of waves crashing
looking out through your eyes
the wind rushes past my face
salt water knows it’s final resting place
(Copyright 09-18-08)

written for my friend across the seas (UK) –
as if she was talking to JD…

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