Sound Control and mind games from Hollywood…

Ace Ventura

the people in Hollywood must be deaf      
not everybody, just the directors
this isn’t anything new at all
it all started when Dark Side took over
oh that could have been day one
but now it seems at the local theater
you need earplugs while you watch
I use cotton balls to muffle their decibels
this assault on the sense of hearing
has several purposes you may not know
the biggest is – they are messing with you
jerking you around, using sound
psychological warfare, mind games
some even believe they are doing psychic attacks
it’s too bad when Bush was looking for evil doers
he didn’t start in Hollywood at the movie studios
he would have hit the jackpot
but maybe there was just too much violence
some might even call video games and some movies
weapons of mass destruction, just look at all the shootings
just what is their agenda anyway?
now, they want us to embrace ’50 Shades of Grey’
because they are the lowest of the low
as they parade their twisted world in plain sight
there is no wrong, there is no right
just dollar signs into the night…
(Copyright 06-06-14)

Picture from the net.

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