Global Initiates…

Blazing sunset on bay

Blazing sunset on bay

where are we headed?
does anyone really know?
it is easy to look around
say, ‘to hell in a hand basket’
but wait there’s more!
we’re in transition now
moving into The Golden Age
Mother earth will rearrange herself
weather patterns will drastically change
vibrationally the frequencies are rising
some will not be able to handle these changes
any escape will seem like the only salvation
we’ll have days where the end seems certain
days where everything is clear and in sync
black will be paraded as white
white will be turned upside down
madness will appear to rule the globe
changes will accelerate, time will speed up
poles will shift, caps may melt, oceans may rise
but this is not the END, oh no
this is the beginning of something beyond
your wildest dreams and you are here to see
it happen and make it happen…
(Copyright 06-02-14)

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