beware when you fight other people’s battles…

Seagull at sunset

Seagull at sunset

there’s always two sides to a story
once when we were teenagers
my little brother was crying the blues
about how some shop had his car
wouldn’t finish the paint job commissioned
well I went in like a storm trooper
the guy on the other end informed me
that he was doing the job on his own time
after work hours, using his boss’s shop
risking his job at this point
and would be done when he was done!
The rest of the story, as Paul Harvey used to say
beware when you fight other people’s battles
you may be fighting for the wrong cause…

When you sow the wind…
and are surprised that you reap the whirlwind – you’re probably
not aware that – yes, you created this result. Therefore, you are
bound to repeat the same thing over and over…
until you realize whirlwinds do not come in a vacuum…
(Copyright 05-08-14)

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