there’s a new exchange for poets
it’s called emocoins
they’re free to anyone with a heart
the emotions charge us with our lives
these coins mean nothing to many
can’t buy anything with them it seems
needless markup will laugh in your face
I sent a boxcar load to the emobank
it was for people who don’t have emotions
you know – kinda like a blood bank
they have my picture on the wall there
next to Billy Budd’s and Gunga Din’s
these emocoins are all the rage now
so scientists are busy working on a plan
to mine all emotions out of everybody
robots are being built as we speak
some will be programmed to be poets
others will be artists and just paint
they’re still deciding on acting
you should grab these emocoins while you can
soon they’ll be worth more than platinum
when all the stars come falling down…  
(Copyright 04-18-14)

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