Writer’s Childern…

Full moon over ocean

Full moon over ocean

in all of eternity, we are but seconds in time
who knows when we shall meet again
perhaps only in fleeting, hazy dreams
haunting us over and over again
or simply to vanish and be erased
by a sonnet that simply cannot be chased

the light that leaves my soul through these eyes
sent over and over again to the full moon
who knows how long it will take that light
to reflect back into your gazing eyes
or linger in the ether for all time
an unwound clock that never chimes

these words are all I have to leave you
one day their purpose will surely dawn
as I plant seeds – they become your children
realize they are the only children I will ever have…
why did our trails cross when we were blind?
did you pen this script or was it mine?
(Copyright 2007)

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