what might have been and will never be…

Seagull at sunset

Seagull at sunset

Jung says, ‘this you and her thing
it’s metaphysical and transcends this world’
then asks, ‘does she talk to you now?’
I laugh and say, ‘only from phantom profiles’
Jung looks at me with that oh I see look
‘then she can deny everything, leaving you
quite vulnerable’ he trails off with this
raised Vulcan eyebrow expression
then asks, ‘what are you going to do about it?’
the Cray in my head goes through many scenarios,
then I spit out my answer, ‘Nothing!’
‘You see she set that up as my only logical
action given past response to my affections.
I will not use my intuition nor will I assume
anything other than like Greta Garbo – she
wants to be left alone by me.’
‘How does this make you feel – to never really
know, to never have closure?’, he asks.
‘I see the unborn one standing there looking
at me with an indescribable sadness. It is at
that moment that I realize something taught
to me long ago, when my father died of terminal
cancer – what might have been and will never be…’
(Copyright 04-15-14)

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