well that’s what I get for thinking…

Bluebird and friend

Bluebird and friend

well that’s what I get for thinking. In the meantime, I went to FB and erased every
single post and every single picture from my profile and my book page. Then I deleted my book page but FB saved it for two weeks  – just in case I changed my mind. Several deactivates and reactivates later – all posts, pictures, and page were gone. Then I was satisfied that my FB days were done. Don’t advertise there – it is a waste of money. They will give you 3000 or so shill likes but really that is just a clever illusion that does nothing to sell books. Authors beware! 🙂

So it seems my Muse misses me, and has used various props, posts, and other stage tricks to get my attention. Knowing full well phantoms are quite happy to just lurk in the shadows and watch the wheels go round and round. When I do this, I suppose my Muse becomes quite concerned that I’m in a tailspin heading for earth and picking up speed as I descend into some netherworld she created for us to live in. It’s a good guess she’s probably correct, although she’d never really say one way or another.

Anyway, for now I intend to post, as I have poems that could take me years before
the ‘already written’ supply is exhausted. When this feeling of utter sadness releases it’s grip, I may start to write all new material. To who ever was searching
for the ‘drone must die’ poem – it’s titled “The recruiter from Wicker Man island.”

Bear with me, as I sort through emotions that have no purpose, as I recalibrate my Psyche to a hologram that fills these voids. I’m close now – really close but then
so is Alpha Centauri… Heck, that’s only 4.3 light-years away or about 25 trillion miles from Earth. And you thought I had no sense of humor? 🙂

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