Lizzie and Darcy Ducks ongoing escapades #3



Lizzie: Darcy, are you going to write me poems forever?

DARCY: no Lizzie because I won’t live forever.

Lizzie: do you have a plan B then for continuing your writing?

DARCY: sure Lizzie, I’m training my _LivesOn Twitter service that will analyze my tweets, and will tweet for you after I’m long gone. Isn’t that an exciting prospect Lizzie? jesting

Lizzie: I don’t know Darcy – being Tweeted from the grave sounds pretty cool to me. My Goth friends will all love this feature – can’t wait to tell them all about it!

DARCY: Goth friends? You mean you’re still hanging out with the crypt kicker five and Boris Karloff?

Lizzie: no they’re your friends Darcy, mine are real ghosts! Oh did I just say that? I mean goths.

DARCY: do you think that you’ll ever outgrow that whole goth thing Lizzie? I mean that whole gig is pretty off the wall for a duck.

Lizzie: well, I think it fits quite nicely into my montage of things melancholy and morose.

DARCY: well, so do dead poets but I don’t see you hanging out with any of them. *L*

Lizzie: oh I don’t know, you’d be surprised. I am a master of disguise, you know?

DARCY: yeah I am quite familiar with that training you picked up in the park. Weren’t they the good ole’ days when you could change your handle on the fly and nobody was the wiser for it?

Lizzie: yes, I miss that but my talents have expanded with the guidance of a few bitheads that took a fancy to me over the years.

DARCY: yes, I know all about that Lizzie. In fact, the one in Chicago – I hear he likes to collaborate on writing letters and is a real crackerjack at Lovejoying letter heads and things of that nature.

Lizzie: oh my, I don’t know whatever you’re talking about Darcy!

DARCY: of course not. But you know Lizzie, I’ll tell you something. As Doc Holiday said in Tombstone, ‘There will be a reckoning.’ There always is…
(Copyright 11-27-13)  

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