Things I need to remember when this world gets me down…


once the CEO of our company, requested an on-the-fly
software change, that he needed the next day,
to sell some prospective customer. He looked
me right in the eyes and said, ‘there’s only
two people in the world I trust to do this job,
and we’re looking at each other.’

once a customer support person walked up to
me, and asked me a question regarding a 35,000
line program. I said, ‘you go to paragraph
such and such, insert this line of code, and
it will fix problem.’ They looked at me and,
said, ‘you know something – you are amazing!’

once the chief engineer from Singer Corp was
discussing a method I devised for accessing
an image database. He said, ‘this guy must
be a genius.’

once a bank in Phila. had a job running on their
IBM that took 24 hours wall time. I went there
and in one work day – reduced it to 45 minutes.
When I left that place, they thought I was from
outer space.

once the VP, introduced me to a room full of users
at a conference in Calif. – as the guy who comes in
when he pleases and leaves when he pleases. And he
was not joking.

when I left my first IT job after 11 years, they had to hire 3
people to replace me. This is the best instant karma story I ever have
known, that directly involved sowing the wind and reaping a whirlwind…

After 3 months training in IT, my first job in IT doubled
my previous salary. Within 10 years, I was making five
times my starting salary in IT. The rest is history…

So for a country boy from a very large family, who could
not afford to go to college, was laughed at by people who did,
I proved that if you have a brain and laser beam focus – you
can make more money that some doctors and have the last laugh…

and I know full well, that through the grace of God,
the seeming impossible is possible – because I am living
proof of that fact.


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