it’s all coming back to me now
they were between 8th Ave. and Broadway
West 46th Street in the Big Apple
I was just a naive’ kid, just out of high school
the registrar said, ‘we have a place for you to stay too’
all my psychological roadblocks were cleared
so off I went on the great adventure
country boy heads to NYC
paid my fare for a week course on getting ‘clear’
upon arrival the first red flag went up
as I noted they referred to themselves as a ‘church’
the registrar was a pretty Jewish girl about my age
she actually gave up her bed and room for me to sleep in
claimed she would be staying at a friend’s place
then we had orientation along with more red flags
on the second day, they informed us while there
you were not allowed to read the Bible,
practice yoga or do meditation like TM
there was a Bible packed in my suitcase
yoga and Transcendental Meditation were part of my routine
where I was staying must have had 15 people living in it
they came and went all hours of the day and night
the telltale pain in my solar plexus developed the second day
that let’s me know that something is very wrong with the picture
so I hastily made my plans for my exit
before I could leave – they insisted that I talk to a ‘clear’
he asked me some questions and promised my prorated tuition
would be refunded back to me after being properly processed
then he said something to me that let me know
I had made the right choice beyond a shadow of a doubt
he said, ‘you have too much of an open mind’
and I said, ‘oh really? Well I intend to keep it that way!’
got up and left his office, packed my things
found a train that would take me most of the way home
never received a refund but realized that I was almost
taken in by a group of people who clearly do not vibrate
on the same level as I do, want to control your mind,
basically, believe in science fiction written by a atheist…
(Copyright 03-18-15)

Picture from the Net.

don’t walk – Run from this ORG!

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