Is this the real life or just fantasy?

once a women told me
she had a dream
back in ancient Greece
that I was her teacher
philosophy or so it seemed
then she kinda stopped
and said that’s not all
you taught me as her face
turned a deep red
well talk about being lost
for words but I smiled instead

once there was Raindrop from India
loved me like a mother
told me I could be a movie star
in her homeland but I paid little attention
thinking it was just the ice in my blue eyes
she had a traditional arranged marriage
first year went by unconsummated
one time she asked me to go home with her
said her husband was away for the week or two
thought about it and realized that I better
decline this offer – knew what would happen
she told me that I only see things in black or white
but there were many shades of gray in between
today I see those shades she spoke of
in retrospect, perhaps I should have gone

a beautiful women who worked with me
left one day for another job
she stuck a note under my door after hours
it was found the following Monday
short and concise but blew me away
‘perhaps we should get together some day
and get married’ – Victoria
never gave me the slightest clue
she even knew I was alive
gone from my life forever
just another memory that reminds me
what a long, strange trip life can be

a past life reader
blurted out two more wild tales
that at the time were not entertained
but kept in my back pocket
for my own future amusement
Pope Pius V or something like that
but it really doesn’t matter
as I’m far from a saint in this life
President James something or other
leaving out last name on purpose

this last one probably got me into trouble
three years ago when I stumbled upon
a tragic story of unrequited love
love letters carried to the grave
an early death of his beloved
then it hit me like a freight train
here was the reason I couldn’t get past
the unexplainable emotions tied to her
why I felt such unreasonable depth of emotions

so regardless of fact or fiction
it gave me a reason to hold on to
an odd coping skill as it were
now 180 full moons after the day we met
under very strange circumstances
it helped me understand why
because I could feel his pain
and feel her pain at the same time
why she loved him and hated him
all in one full sweep of iciness
why tears still fall from my eyes
after all these years
why she probably thinks I’m crazier
than Vincent himself or some such knee-jerk branding
how she died because of him in that life
and how I died because of her in this one
that’s my story and I’m sticking to it…
(Copyright 12-23-12)

Picture from the Net.

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