glide with me, as here I go…


fly my astral plane into the heavens
touched by falling flakes of snow
as we think it, traveling the speed of light
will you go there with me lassie?
temples filled with ancient books
your statue sits in one of the halls
alabaster looks best at sunset
still I love when moon light glows
glide with me, as here I go…
(Copyright 06-07-13)


love regenerates and heals…


oh you’ve turned on a dime
I felt it today in my soul
heard your I love you’s
being spoken to the air
in hopes they’d somehow
reach my trained bionic ear
felt the change in your heart
as if you suddenly saw someone
in that sacred light that falls
ever so gently on their face
illuminating their inner core
where you are momentarily
spellbound with awe at the sight
hushed by something meant just for you
the realization that filters through
deep into your soul, a truth
that no one will ever take away from you
love regenerates and heals…
(Copyright 06-06-13)

Perhaps this is your ghost ship…

Sailboat on ocean

perhaps this is your ghost ship
in your mind, you don’t like what you see
some ugly creature stares at you
then enter the dragon of your imagination
fill in those blanks that no one will fill
create whatever you please
hologram your lost love on deck
paint in beauty that meets your fancy
alter how you look at yourself, the world
if someone denies your reality
laugh at them as you animate cause
watch closely as the universe races
to be your Genie in the lamp…
(Copyright 06-06-13)